Daily Archives: July 7, 2020

IoT Security Principles

The BSA — also known as the Software Alliance, formerly the Business Software Alliance — is an industry lobbying group. They just published "Policy Principles for Building a Secure and Trustworthy Internet of Things." They call for: Distinguishing between consumer and industrial IoT. Offering incentives for integrating security. Harmonizing national […]

Vulnerability Management Maturity Model

I get it. You dread going into the office sometimes. It isn’t that you don’t like the people or the location. It’s that beast, waiting for you when you arrive, and it never seems to go away. You work hard at it, but you never seem to get ahead. Source: […]

Approaching Azure Kubernetes Security

The Splunk Security Research Team has been working on Kubernetes security analytic stories mainly focused on AWS and GCP cloud platforms. The turn has come now for some Azure Kubernetes security monitoring analytic stories. As outlined in my “Approaching Kubernetes Security — Detecting Kubernetes Scan with Splunk” blog post, when looking […]

Microsoft Launches Free Linux Forensics and Rootkit Malware Detection Service

Microsoft has announced a new free-to-use initiative aimed at uncovering forensic evidence of sabotage on Linux systems, including rootkits and intrusive malware that may otherwise go undetected. The cloud offering, dubbed Project Freta , is a snapshot-based memory forensic mechanism that aims to provide automated full-system volatile memory inspection of […]