Daily Archives: April 29, 2021

To Innovate Better, Choose Evidence-Based Innovation

Is getting better at innovating important to you? Most companies know they need to innovate in their products, services, and customer experience (CX) but struggle to do it well. To find out what they’re doing to overcome that challenge, we surveyed organizations about their business priorities — including specifically whether […]

Kubernetes (K8s): From Orchestration War To Platform Showdown To OS Standard?

When the once-hot Mesos open source project had a recent brush with oblivion, veterans of the container orchestration wars may have paused at the news only to marvel that Mesos is still around at all. The triumph of Kubernetes (K8s) as the dominant container orchestration has long seemed inevitable, given […]

Brain Hacks – Sleep to Learn | Accenture

Sleep is learning with your eyes closed. Really it is. This brain hack explains the relationship between sleep and learning and gives science based tips to improve your learning through sleep.  #learningscience #learnbetter #brainhealth Read the Full Article here: >Accenture

The Future Of Apple’s (And Others’) App Store

Epic’s battle with Apple is coming to the courts in Oakland, CA on May 3rd. The history of the battle (a.k.a. “Project Liberty”) is well documented in the news. You may be more familiar with Epic’s popular multi-player game Fortnite than the privately held parent company that today is worth […]