New MATA Multi-platform malware framework linked to NK Lazarus APT

North Korea-linked Lazarus APT Group has used a new multi-platform malware framework, dubbed MATA, to target entities worldwide

The notorious Lazarus Group is using a new multi-platform malware framework, dubbed MATA, in attacks aimed at organizations worldwide, to deploy Kaspersky researchers observed that MATA was used by the threat actors to distribute ransomware (i.e. VHD ransomware) and steal customer databases.

The MATA malware framework could target Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. The name MATA comes from the name used by the authors to identify their infrastructure, MataNet.

The malware framework implements a wide range of features that allow attackers to fully control the infected systems.

According to the experts from Kaspersky that first analyzed the framework, the MATA campaign has been active at least since April of 2018. The hackers targeted unnamed companies in software development, e-commerce, and an internet service provider around the world, including Poland, Germany, Turkey, Korea, Japan, and India. Experts pointed out that the hackers targeted entities in various industries.

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