How to streamline and integrate Security Operations?

Operations teams require a set of cybersecurity operations processes and workflows built on top of a security operations platform integrated with IT Service and Operations Management, Business Operations, and making use of CMDB data to map threats, security incidents and vulnerabilities to business services and infrastructure. This mapping enables prioritization […]

The State and Future of Cyber Extortion & IT Hijacking for Ransom

Hijacking and ransom payments. It is something associated with war zones, poor countries such as Somalia and their pirates, crime syndicates or Hollywood movies. Think again. The digital transformation brings it closer to home. Everybody needs to understand this growing Cyber threat of #ITnapping for ransom. Read more at 21st Century […]

Yes we are open – Cybersecurity and the future of Retail

According to a recent survey conducted by Forrester, an independent research firm, 97% of respondents prioritize digital innovation and Cybersecurity in 2015. In a way this comes at no surprise to the readership of this blog as the spike of cyber incidents at major retailers in 2014 and 2015 showed […]

Sicherheitsüberwachung in der Industrie

Die zunehmende Konvergenz von Informationstechnologie und Automatisierungs- bzw. Prozesssteuerungstechnik resultiert in einer veränderten Bedrohungslage. Diese Entwicklung gewinnt im Hinblick auf Industrie 4.0 weiter an Bedeutung und erfordert neben der Umsetzung eines Defense-in-Depth-Ansatzes eine vollumfassende Sicherheitsüberwachung der verarbeitenden Industrielandschaft.